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unity游戏人工智能系统工具Emerald AI 2.0 v2.2.1
所支持的Unity版本:2017.1.0 及以上版本
Fully supports Unity 2017+ and Unity 2018+! 
The newly rewritten and redesigned Emerald AI version 2.2 allows developers to quickly create engaging dynamic AI with 100's of AAA quality features, all without having to write a single line of code! Emerald's editor is designed to make creating AI easy, yet incredibly customizable. Emerald caters to all kinds of developers and offers everything users would expect from an all-in-one AI system. 
Emerald's Setup Manager allows users to create AI in just seconds. Emerald includes 9 example scenes, well documented code, and a self-documented editor allowing for a low learning curve. Emerald's documentation, tutorials, sc ripting reference, and support are all accessible right from within the ditor.
There's too many features to list everything here. For a full list of everything Emerald AI has to offer, see the following link: See All Emerald AI 2.0 Features 


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