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unity模型3D纹理绘制插件Paint in 3D 1.6.3
所支持的Unity版本:5.6.6 及以上版本
Paint all your ob jects using Paint in 3D - both in game, and in editor. All features are optimized with GPU accelerated texture painting, so you can enjoy consistent performance, even if you paint your ob jects one million times!
Consistent Performance
The reason why Paint in 3D runs so fast even if you paint a lot is because the paint is baked into the textures of your ob ject. Your ob jects already have textures, so why not use them, rightThe code also produces no garbage (0 gc alloc), so you don't have to worry about random lag spikes.
Lightning Fast Painting
Baking paint into textures may sound slow, but the painting code is done 100% on the GPU, which actually makes it incredibly fast. The painting code has also been heavily optimized to minimize state changes by batching paint operations together.
Mobile & Console & VR Support


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