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unity低多边形艺术风格老虎资源包Poly Art: Tiger 1.4
所支持的Unity版本:2017.1.3 及以上版本

They're so many amazing Low Poly Art Environments but is so sad that there's no wild life to populate them.. So here is some beautiful animals! (Tiger)

?If you have one of the Poly Art Animals and you want them all... you can purchase the Poly Art Forest Set and you will get 3 Animals Set for Free!?

-? Important Recommendation:? If you have the asset already on your Project: Remove all the files on the Malbers Animations Folder and re-import the assets back again to avoid Errors with older sc ript that are no longer used. 

They come with +62 AAA Animations. 
Includes character controller, and a animator component but you can always create your own or      modify the existing one. 
This controller includes these Logic's:
-Environment Included!!!!
4 different Styles(Bengala,White,Albine, Magic)
Textures Easy to modify (128x64)

需要3金币 30 积分 ( 如何获取金币与积分