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2D科幻太空游戏物品图标素材SCI-FI ICONS – SPACE ob jectS,包含PSD,PNG,JPEG格式
DEsc riptION
We created for you Sci-Fi Icons – Space ob jects. This is a set of 20 high-quality icons. You can easily use them in your projects. This graphics is especially useful for those who create video games in the genre of science fiction. There are three formats waiting for you in the archive. The first is PSD. It has multiple layers, which will allow you to easily change the graphics. The second is PNG. All the ob jects in it with no background. Sometimes this graphics is very necessary. The third one is JPEG. Pictures with a resolution of 512×512 with background. They are easy to use immediately. All this we did specifically for the developers of video games. 
20 PSD;
20 PNG;
20 JPEG.

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