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为您呈现的为Unity冒险密室解密游戏脚本代码,拥有着AC的源代码包括在内,并且它的整个API都有文档记录。自定义事件允许您轻松钩住自己的脚本。拥有着自己的unity用户界面,游戏具体说明:Inventory, crafting, NPCs, dialogue, interactions, navigation, player-character switching, QTEs and game-saving are all included. 
Visual sc ripting 
Avoid coding, and build game logic with AC's powerful ActionList system. Custom Actions can be plugged in to extend functionality. 
Easily switch between point-and-click, direct, and first-person movement styles - or  code your own. 
Interaction options 
Design one-click, verb-bar and verb-coin interaction styles - or  code your own. 
Timeline support 
Create cutscenes using Unity's Timeline feature, and AC's camera and speech tracks. 
All display text and spoken dialogue can be translated, and sc ript sheets for voice actors can be generated. 
The entire UI can be be customised, either through Unity UI or  AC's own menu-
AC's source code is included, and its entire API is documented. Custom events allow you to easily hook in your own sc ripts. 

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