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unity图表编辑插件Graph And Chart v1.6
所支持的Unity版本:5.2.0 及以上版本
State of the art charts. 2D and 3D, Beautiful, Responsive and Interactive. All charts are completely customizable and can be set up quickly either from code or  from the unity editor. Graph And Chart can be used with any platform including VR/AR, mobile ,web and desktop. All latest unity versions are supported.,
Bar Chart , Pie Chart , Torus Chart , Graph Chart , Bubble Chart and Radar Chart. All can be either 2D or  3D. All can be customized completely with your own colors, sizes, materials and prefabs. Integrates with UI Canvas. 
Main Features: 
* Full source code included
* Full editor preview for all charts
* All charts can be fully configured from code or  from the unity editor without any code.
* All charts can be completely customized with your own prefabs, colors, materials and sizes. * Text Mesh Pro Support *


需要4金币 40 积分 ( 如何获取金币与积分